Bempu Hypothermia Bracelet for Newborns Now Available

yellow bempu on a baby

Bempu is a simple, inexpensive and innovative bracelet which detects and alerts in the event of hypothermia, facilitating improved thermal care of newborns. If hypothermic for 5 minutes, the device sounds an alarm and blinks an orange light to alert the caretaker to warm the infant. Once warm, the device returns to blinking a blue light every 30 seconds implying normothermia. It is now available for purchase on the VIA Marketplace.

  • Enables early intervention: Bempu continuously keeps a check on the often unnoticed temperature variations and alerts for timely.
  • Protects in the critical neonatal period: Bempu continues to protect throughout the critical neonatal period, even when the newborn is discharged to home.
  • Promotes weight gain and growth: Bempu prevents prolonged cold stress and ensures the newborn maintains a healthy temperature, promoting weight gain and healthy growth.

Bempu Features: 


Bempu is supported in part by several global health organizations.


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