Commercially Available Saving Lives at Birth Innovations

VIA Global Health is excited to offer several Saving Lives @ Birth Innovations for purchase and distribution worldwide.

Including the Pumani bubble CPAP, Bempu, Hemafuse, Gradian Universal Anaesthesia Machine, Kenek Pulse Oximeter in addition to several other innovations funded by SL@B partners such as the Arktek Passive Vaccine Storage Device, Arbutus Drill Cover and Lifewrap Non-Pneumatic Anti-Shock Garment (NASG) 

SL@B Innovations Available on VIA

  • Bempu Hypothermia Device

    Bempu is a simple, innovative bracelet which detects and alerts in the event of hypothermia, facilitating improved thermal care of newborns.

  • Hemafuse

    Hemafuse is a surgical autotransfusion tool that salvages and recycles a patient’s own blood from internal bleeding. The completely mechanical device is an alternative to donor blood for cases of internal bleeding and trauma.

    Regulatory Approvals: Kenyan Pharmacy and Poisons Board, Ghana FDA.

  • Pumani Bubble CPAP

    Regulatory Approvals: CE, ISO 13485
    The Pumani is a low-cost bubble CPAP respiratory device for newborns and children.
Additionally VIA works with innovators to raise awareness, improve training, and generate direct feedback and dialogue with medical distributors and caregivers in emerging markets.  Our library of training videos and product demonstrations featuring several Saving Lives @ Birth innovations is available – Product Training Video Library