Hundreds of New Products From Gradian, Corning, Pyrex, Falcon and TYM Now Available.

new medical products now available in africa and india

VIA Global Health is excited to offer new products from GradianCorningPyrexFalcon and TYM.

The Gradian Universal Anaesthesia Machine (UAM) is the only CE-certified anaesthesia machine that can function without electricity and medical oxygen.

The UAM operates with or without electricity and compressed gas. The integrated oxygen concentrator produces up to 10 liters per minute of 95% oxygen. If power is lost and no other source of oxygen is available, the UAM automatically converts to draw-over mode, using room air as the carrier gas. The electric ventilator works without compressed gas for up to six hours on battery backup during mains failures. The manual bellows allows assisted breathing in all situations.

The TYM Otoscope turns your smartphone into a a professional CE Marked otoscope enabling you to visualise and capture larger and clearer clinical images of the eardrum. Use your iPhone as a clinical-grade medical device to show your patients their conditions and securely share images or videos to get remote opinions.   It joins the recently added EVA System Mobile Colposcope and Kenek O2 Pulse Oximeter in VIA’s growing selection of high quality digital health products.

Additionally, VIA is excited to partner with Corning Life Sciences to provide global access to high quality laboratory equipment and supplies.


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