MTTS bCPAP and Phototherapy Devices for Neonates and Infants

MTTS Firefly components

A complete run through of MTTS most popular products available on VIA Global Health.

  1. The Dolphin bCPAP – A next generation bubble CPAP machine that combines the latest in respiratory care and patient monitoring technology with exceptional value.
  2. The Colibri Phototherapy – Colibri Phototherapy was designed to be used in combination with any radiant warmer, infant bed or incubator available on the market to deliver effective phototherapy treatment while supporting developmental care. Instead of traditional overhead unit, Colibri Phototherapy has 2 canopies which don’t interfere with radiant warmers and provide maximum exposure to the LED light.
  3. The Firefly Phototherapy – The MTTS Firefly is a state-of- the-art phototherapy device designed for effective treatment of neonatal jaundice. The machine features intuitive design, double-sided lighting, compact size, user-friendly control panel, and removable single-infant bassinet. Firefly is designed to treat newborn jaundice in the mother’s room – the best way to support mother-child bonding and breastfeeding.