Product Delivery, Return & Warranty Information

VIA Global Health Marketplace

Product Delivery, Return & Warranty Information

VIA Global Health’s transaction, return, payment and refund services are available to suppliers “Supplier” and purchasers “Buyer” with VIA membership that is in good standing. These terms apply solely to transactions initiated and completed through the VIA Marketplace and in accordance to VIA Membership terms.

Product Delivery & Return Locations.  

  1. a) Delivery will occur at the location specified during the order process by the Buyer unless other arrangements are made and acknowledged in writing by VIA customer service. Returns will be made to the Supplier’s address indicated on the order and shipping documents.
  2. b) The Buyer may cancel the transaction and request a full refund before Supplier begins shipping process. If Supplier proceeds to ship product, the Buyer is not obliged to take delivery. If the Buyer cancels the order after the shipment has taken place the Buyer is responsible for costs of shipping, return and restocking fee.
  3. c) Unless stated otherwise, transfer of the risk for loss or damage occurs when Buyer signs for delivery.
  4. d) Products must not contain any illegal or hazardous materials. Suppliers assume all risk and responsibility for products outside of the VIA Marketplace listing policy and relevant service and membership agreement. Shipments outside of these policies are subject to loss of membership.

Inspection and Acceptance.

After Buyer completes signature of delivery and initial acceptance they are required to complete prima facie inspection, defined as initial inspection for damage, missing components or parts as detailed in package contents, and visibly apparent defects in manufacturing of product.   The scope of inspection for prima facie conformity includes but is not limited to the shape, size, weight, color, model, and condition of product.

Buyer must notify Supplier and VIA Global Health within 72 hours of any product which does not pass prima facie inspection.

Quality of Products

Supplier is solely responsible for ensuring products match description and images on VIA Marketplace. If the product does not match the stated specifications the Buyer should provide as much documentation of misrepresentation or defect(s), whether visible or during intended use.

If the product is not in conformity with description, product condition or functionality, the Buyer will provide VIA with documentation and VIA will provide a guarantee to the Buyer for full refund, if notified within 72 hours of delivery. After this period the manufacture or Supplier’s warranty supersedes all agreements. If the Buyer fails to provide supporting documentation they assume all liability for the product and it is up to the Supplier to decide whether or not to accept the return.

If a product is submitted for return or refund with supporting documentation, the supplier is allowed to challenge the Buyer’s supporting documentation. If an agreement between the two parties cannot be reach within 14 calendar days, the matter will be decided by a VIA internal review board based on available documentation by both parties.

Failure to Deliver

Unless shipped through a VIA owned or managed shipping and storage channel, the Supplier assumes all liability for products in shipment. If a shipment is lost or damaged during delivery, it is the responsibility of the Supplier. It is highly recommended that Supplier set up shipping insurance for all products. Supplier is only responsible for shipping to the address, which the Buyer entered when purchasing the product. If the Buyer has entered an incorrect shipping address and the supplier has documented proper delivery to that address, the Buyer assumes all liability for the delivered shipment.  If a shipment takes more than twice the estimated delivery time provided by the Supplier, barring a delay in customs processing, the Buyers has the right to refuse delivery. IF a Supplier has proved that the shipping company has delivered the product to the agreed upon address but the Buyer has failed to acknowledge receipt of the shipment, the shipment will be considered delivered.

The Supplier should do their best to keep the Buyer informed of the status of shipment, whether through providing tracking numbers if available or updates from carrier.

They Buyer should remain vigilant to ensure products have been shipped in accordance to agreed upon method.


All products sold on the VIA Global Health Marketplace are subject to manufacturer’s limited warranties.  VIA is not liable for damaged or defective products.

When a dispute arises between a Buyer and Supplier regarding a transaction on the VIA Marketplace, we encourage both parties to negotiate with each other to resolve the dispute. Upon request, VIA will assist both parties in reaching an agreement. If a resolution can not be finalized within 14 business days, the complaint and supporting documentation will be submitted to VIA’s internal customer review panel.  VIA, reserves the right of sole discretion in resolving customer service inquiries and member complaints.


To initiate a return please visit our return center at within 72hrs of receiving product.  You will be asked to specify order #, which items are being returned and why they are being returned along with your membership information.

If the product is defective or has been damaged in transit, a VIA representative will be in touch with you within 24hrs of initiating the return claim.

Completing Return of Products

The Buyer and Supplier may discuss terms and logistics about whether and how Buyer may return the products to Supplier. Products must be returned in the same condition as they were delivered and Buyer must ship through VIA approved shipping company.

The Buyer is responsible for providing Supplier and VIA shipping information of returned products, including but not limited to cost and tracking number.  Failure to do so will make the Buyer responsible for full cost of shipment and payment.

Return Fees and Refunds 

VIA product return and refund policies are superseded by the Supplier return policies as stated on the VIA Marketplace website at the time of transaction.  When not explicitly superseded, VIA Return policies, fees and refunds are as follows.

  • For “no fault” returns, the Buyer is required to pay shipping costs, fees and tariffs and a 10% restocking fee if completed within 72hrs of receipt of product.
  • Defective or damaged product returns are subject to a 100% refund of product and shipping costs, by Supplier and guaranteed to Buyer through their purchase on the VIA Marketplace if processed within 72hrs of receipt of product. This is strictly limited to no more than the total order payment made through the VIA Marketplace.
  • All other returns are to be made in accordance with product’s warranty.
  • There is a $5,000 USD limit on the amount of products and a maximum of $300 shipping fee unless otherwise approved by both Supplier and VIA Global Health.
  • VIA maintains the right to alter or change the return policy as necessary to maintain the marketplace.


Refund time period.

  • Credit cards will be refunded within 24 hours of final approval.
  • Wire transfer refunds may take up to ten business days to process once completed.
  • E-checks will take up ten business days to process once completed.


Resolving Disputes

As with all business transactions, document should be kept by each party. Both parties involved in the dispute must notify VIA within two business days of issuing or receiving notice of a dispute regarding products, purchases, and shipments through the VIA Marketplace

In the event of any product or shipping dispute, VIA reserves the right to request supporting documentation from each party and retains sole discretion to make a decision it deems appropriate.  In the interest of providing an honest and business friendly marketplace that protects legitimate Buyers and Suppliers, violations of Membership rules in regards to falsified or inaccurate documentation by either party, is grounds for loss of membership and potential legal action.