Volume calibration syringes are designed for bi-directional testing and calibrating of flow measurement devices and specifically spirometry devices.  Volume calibration syringes are invariably manually operated by pushing the piston rod in and out of the cylinder assembly with ends stops determining the stroke length and hence the prescribed, 3 litre, delivered volume of air.  The spirometric device under test is attached to the outlet port of the syringe assembly and bi-directional 3l strokes are performed. The operator compares the delivered 3l volume with that recorded by the flow measurement system (spirometer) in order to determine its accuracy. Most spirometers have a built in software calibration correction that resets the calibration of the device so as to accurately record the 3l delivered volume.

Product features include

  • A quality, precision, robust medical device in service since 1988.
  • Accurate to 3.00 Litres (within 0.5% as required by the American Thoracic Society specifications)
  • Smooth, low friction, non-leak, operation by way of soft-fit, forward and reverse direction cup seals.  The rubber cups seals are designed to push outwards onto the cylinder wall with increasing air pressure thereby mitigating any chance of air leaks.
  • Designed for use with all commonly available spirometers
  • A universal, invaginated adapter that fits onto the nozzle and is designed to accommodate most of the standard sized spirometry flow meters. Other syringes require modification of the nozzle or an adapter for each device under test

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