DoseRight® Syringe Clips

DoseRight® Syringe Clips

A simple, low-cost product that improves accurate dosing of liquid medications.

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Product Description

The DoseRight Syringe Clip is a small plastic clip that fits into the barrel of an oral dosing syringe. It serves as a guide to assist the caregiver in delivering an accurate dose of liquid medication.

Simple: The DoseRight Syringe Clips can be affixed by a healthcare professional, caregiver, or the patient themselves. Thus, they provide a simple method for accurate medicine administration regardless of literacy level, visual acuity, or manual dexterity.

Accurate: The DoseRight Syringe Clip acts as a stopping mechanism that presets to the correct dose without ever contacting the medication. Evaluations in Houston and Malawi have shown that the DoseRight Syringe Clip improves dosing accuracy.

Low-Cost: The DoseRight Syringe Clips were originally designed for low-resource settings, and their simple design allows for cost-effective manufacturing. DoseRight Syringe Clips are multi-use and can be reused for the same dosage amount given to the same patient.

Easy to Use: The DoseRight Syringe Clips are made of polypropylene and range in dosing volume from 0.5mL to 5.0mL in half mL graduations. They are embossed with the dosage achieved by the specific Clip. The Clips are color coded so users can easily differentiate the size and dosage.

DoseRight Installation Video

Supplier Profile:Hadleigh Health Technologies is an ISO 13485 registered company and is a subsidiary of 3rd Stone Design, Inc, located in San Rafael, CA. We partner with organizations around to world to develop affordable, appropriate health technologies for low-resource settings.
Company Website:
Maximum Supply:Please Contact.
Minimum Order Quantity:10 packages (20 units/package)
Ships within:72 hrs
Shipping Requirements & Restrictions:N/A
Shipping Weight & Dimensions:0.5kgs / 5.5" x 2" x 1"
Package Contents:The DoseRight Syringe Clips are packaged in small bags of quantity 20 and provided at the dosage levels required by the program using them.
FAQs:How many clips come in a package?There are twenty clips in each package, with a minimum order of 10 packages.
Regulatory Approvals & Certifications:N/A
Product Return Policy:Product return policy (if different from VIA Policy):

Product refund for for unopened, undamaged products. Buyer is required to pay shipping costs, fees and tariffs and a 10% restocking fee if return request is initiated within 72hrs of receipt of product.

Verified defective or damaged product returns are subject to a 100% refund of product and associated fees processed through the VIA Payment Service.

Manufacturer's Warranty:1 year Limited Warranty

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