MTTS Firefly Phototherapy

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The MTTS Firefly is a state-of- the-art phototherapy device designed for effective treatment of neonatal jaundice. The machine features intuitive design, double-sided lighting, compact size, user-friendly control panel, and removable single-infant bassinet. Firefly is designed to treat newborn jaundice in the mother’s room – the best way to support mother-child bonding and breastfeeding.

Regulatory Approvals: CE Mark

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Product Description

  • Compact form fits in an infant cart or mother’s bed.
  • Handholds facilitate easy portability.
  • Tight seams to prevent dirt build-up.
  • Curved surfaces for easy cleaning.
  • Sealed to keep out dust, and liquids (IPX3).
  • No moving parts, no internal fans.

Clinical evaluations indicate that Firefly’s double-sided design reduces total treatment time by 40% on a typical patient compared to single-sided LED phototherapy, allowing earlier discharge from the hospital, lowering incidence of newborn infection and freeing resources to treat more infants. 

MTTS Firefly

1. Top Light
Fixed at the most clinically effective height.
Slim form for easy patient observation.
Curved top prevents placement of objects that may fall on the infant.
Soft edges to protect infant during placement.

2. Bottom Light
Durable thick-walled plastic.
Tilted bottom directs heat off back edge of device.

3. Bassinet
Removable for patient transport and diagnostics.
Comfortable handhold around the rim.
Clear scratch-resistant plastic for easy observation.
Smooth surface for quick wipe-down.

4. Control Panel
Single power button controls both lights.
Single light intensity setting.
Treatment hours and total device hours display.



firefly phototherapy

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Video of Assembly & Use

Ordering Info

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      Supplier Profile

      MTTS was established in 2004 with the goal of delivering innovative, cost-effective solutions for newborns in need of intensive medical care. We offer a comprehensive suite of technologies for neonatal care -from CPAP machines that treat respiratory distress syndrome to phototherapy machines that treat neonatal jaundice. These state-of- the-art devices help healthcare professionals to deliver a better quality of healthcare to a growing number of patients, and at a lower cost.

    • FAQs

      Can I use this with an incubator?

      No, the MTTS Firefly is not for use with an incubator.

      Can I use the Firefly with a radiant warmer? 

      No, the MTTS Firefly is not intended for use with a radiant warming device.

    • Maximum Supply:

      100 devices per month are available for purchase.

    • Package Contents

      Firefly unit

      Eye Patch (5xS, 5xM, 5xL)

      User manual

    • Ships within:

      3 business days

    • Manufacturer's Warranty:

      Standard warranty of 1 year subject to MTTS policy. Please see Product Resources box for a downloadable copy of MTTS warranty information.

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    Performance SpecificationsPeak wavelength455 to 470 nm
    Lamp duration44,000hrs at max temperature
    Average spectral irradianceTop light – 22.4 µ
    Bottom light – 26.5 µ
    Effective surface areaTop light – 53 cm x 24 cm
    Bottom light – 48 cm x 20 cm
    Irradiance uniformity ratioTop light – 0.51 (IEC compliant –> 0.4)
    Bottom light – 0.72 (IEC compliant –> 0.4)
    Eletrical SpecificationsPower characteristics60W, 100-240VAC, 47/63Hz
    COTS External PSInternational medical safety approvals
    ANSI/AAMI/EN 60601-1, UL/TUV
    Class I construction is standard (ground required)
    100k hours MTBF
    Energy star efficiency level V compliant
    RoHS compliant
    Over voltage / over current protection
    Environmental SpecificationsOperatingAmbient temp: +10°C to +35°C
    Humidity: 0% to 90% RH non condensing
    Atmospheric pressure: 70-106kPa
    Sealing: IPX3

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