VIA Continues to Expand Neonatal and Obstetric Medical Device Marketplace

MTTS Firefly Product

The VIA Global Health marketplace continues to expand with new additions from both Edan and MTTS. In addition to the recently added Edan F6 Express Fetal Monitor, Edan F9 Dual Fetal & Maternal Monitor (TWINS FHR) and the Edan Elite V8 Patient Monitor, VIA has added the EDAN D6 Digital Ultrasonic Diagnostic Imaging System and D3 variation along with the Edan F2 Fetal Monitor.

In addition to expanding the Edan line of product offerings VIA is excited to start offering MTTS phototherapy products, including the MTTS Firefly and MTTS Colibri. The MTTS Firefly is a state-of- the-art phototherapy device designed for effective treatment of neonatal jaundice. Designed in partnership with Design That Matters (Massachussetts, USA) and the East Meets West Foundation (California, USA) the Firefly features intuitive design, double-sided lighting, compact size, user-friendly control panel, and removable single-infant bassinet.  Clinical evaluations indicate that the Firefly is able to reduce treatment time for newborn jaundice by 40%, lowering incidence of newborn infection and freeing resources to treat more infants.

The MTTS Colibri provides health care professionals with the ability to treat newborn jaundice in combination with using a radiant warmer, infant bed or incubator. Built with long lasting LED lights, the twin canopies provide optimal coverage while supporting developmental care.

All products sold on VIA Global Health are brand new and offer health care professional an exceptional level of quality for a wide range of resource environments. For more product information or to become a VIA distributor please contact our sales team at In addition to wholesale pricing, local distributors receive discounted express shipping and access to cutting edge medical devices, VIA distributor members also receive access to premarket sales and additional discounts including 5% off your first purchase with coupon code VIAFIRST.