What VIA Global Health's Customers Are Saying...


VIA works with a network of verified medical distributors to ensure both access and proper maintenance of innovations.

“I understand both worlds and I believe that being a VIA Global Health verified distributor would help tremendously when sourcing products.”

VIA Verified Distributor – Johannesburg, South Africa

“If you look at the market here, most companies source their supplies because of pricing.  And we want to stay away from that market yet be able to compete without compromising our prices… that’s the reason why we would love to do business with you.  And grow where possible.”

VIA Verified Distributor, Gaborone, Botswana

“Thanks for everything and being part of you to change the world through health-care”

VIA Verified Distributor, Accra, Ghana

“Proud to be part of VIA Global Health.  Please go and look at the wonderful products.  Inbox me for quotes.”

VIA Verified Distributor – Gauteng, South Africa

“It was nice to meet you. We trust this is the genesis of a long prosperous relationship with you. Many thanx.”

VIA Verified Distributor – Harare, Zimbabwe

“To Our Esteemed Customers, Institutional and Individuals – We are glad to Announce to you that we are expanding in our network with many more international collaborations in the delivery of quality healthcare. Our most recent being VIA GLOBAL HEALTH of The USA. This Means Many More Quality Healthcare Products at Your CALL.”

VIA Verified Distributor – Lusaka, Zambia

“Awesome. Thank you for your response we are highly grateful to you for your every effort in making this job work.  We remain patient and highly expectant.”

VIA Verified Distributor – Lusaka, Zambia

“We are in the field. The customers are excited with our products. We will be making follow up on our quotes and we anticipate to get more quotes.”

VIA Verified Distributor – Harare, Zimbabwe

“You’ve been of great assistance and very key in ensuring this works and we remain grateful to you. Payment arrangements will definitely be made as we complete contract obligations. Expect regular feedback beginning early today my time.”

VIA Verified Distributor – Lusaka, Zambia

Medical Professionals

Working through our verified distirbutor network, VIA connects medical professionals around the world with the latest innovations.

“Glad to inform you that we started using the Pumani CPAP from today. We might need to start looking at availability of consumables and more units.”

Dr. Praveen – India

“This [NASG] works and can help save lives…take it up.”

Clinician at Ministry of Health – Malawi

“A timely innovation to increase immunisation coverage especially to rural settings with no easy access to electricity. Pray [the Arktek PVSD] are made readily available & affordable.”

 Fmr. Senior Clinician at Ministry of Health – Uganda

“This is good news. With [the Arktek PVSD]… lives can be saved especially in rural areas.”

HSA at Ministry of Health – Malawi

“[The NASG] is a wonderful tool ever health facility should have. I have seen it’s work firsthand.”

– Medical Officer at Ajeromi General Hospital Lajegunle Lagos – Nigeria

“The Anti-Shock Garment is really saving lives.”

Nurse/Midwife at Ministry of Health – Malawi