VIA Global Health announces Instant Freight Quotes.  

VIA Global Health is excited to announce that distributors within the VIA network now have instant access to freight quotes.

“In talking with our network of medical distributors we routinely found that one of their biggest pain points was the time it took to get shipping quotes for large orders. This process often took 3-5 days, if not weeks, further delaying the process for getting medical supplies into country.” said VIA’s Chief Technology Officer, Brendan Lilly. “Up until now, no global health platform has tackled the freight quote issue and for good reason—it’s tough! But our development team loves a challenge and in collaboration with our logistics partners, we have managed to reduce the time for a freight quote from days down to seconds.”

“This is a game changer for us in Africa, we are not used to this kind of service or responsiveness to our business” said Anesu, a medical distributor in Africa.

“We’ve never had a US company reach out, and ask us what we need – from products to technology, VIA listens and works with us.” said Sahil, a medical distributor in Bangladesh.

VIA is currently working closely with our network of distributors to further integrate their input into the platform development.

According to Lilly, “There’s vision and there’s demand. Our goal from a technological perspective is to bridge the two in a way that is both innovative and useful to our customers, making access to medical supplies quick, easy and affordable throughout emerging markets”