VIA Global Health offers medical equipment at cost to help Haiti Hurricane Matthew relief efforts

haiti hurricane relief

VIA Global Health announced today that they are making more than 16,000 medical supplies available at cost for relief groups working in Haiti and the Caribbean to address damage and devastation from Hurricane Matthew.

Hurricane Matthew is the first Category 4 storm to hit Haiti since 1964, and with expected significant damages to homes, buildings and medical facilities, VIA Global Health aims to support and assist the teams working on the ground to diagnose and treat patients who are in need of medical assistance.

VIA has confirmed logistics and freight delivery capabilities remain intact locally and will resume operation at 6am local time Wednesday.

With over 16,000 medical supplies available on the site, VIA is able to provide health assistance needed from diagnostic tests, emergency medicine equipment, wound care, surgery, maternal & neonatal, monitoring and more at cost in order to improve the level of care needed in this challenging time.

If you are an NGO, government health official, disaster relief group or medical professional in need of health and medical supplies, please email directly to make an enquiry.


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