VIA Invited as Facilitator & Participant at VentureWell’s 2017 Xcelerator in Malawi

Venture Well Xcelerator Malawi

This February, VIA will be joining USAID at the VentureWell Xcelerator in Malawi – Innovations to Save Lives at Birth.  VIA’s CEO, Noah Perin, will be one of the program facilitators at the event featuring a range of experts in the global health field.  Noah will be presenting solutions and working with innovators to bridge the healthcare access gap for necessary yet inaccessible medical innovations in emerging markets like Malawi.

The Xcelerator program combines several days of industry panels and training exercises, followed by customer field visits that allow health technology innovators to connect directly to nurses, doctors and medical providers at local clinics and hospitals – gaining critical insights to inform product development for the global health field.

The program is part of the VentureWell pipeline that cultivates creators and entrepreneurs who can turn ideas into successful commercial products. The program provides training and coaching specifically for USAID, Grand Challenges for Exploration, and Powering Agriculture grantees working in global health and development to increase the likelihood that their innovations will succeed. The training prepares innovators to address the complexities of implementing new technologies in the developing world, helping speed up the process by which their ideas are turned into products that can have a real impact and potentially save lives.

VIA Global Health distributes several USAID and Grand Challenges funded innovations including the Pumani bCPAP, Bempu Neonatal Hypothermia Device, Arbutus Drill Cover and Kenek Pulse Oximeter.

To learn more about the program from organizers and past participants, visit the below links.

Saving Lives at Birth Xcelerator in Malawi

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And as the VIA team travels to Malawi, keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter feeds for pictures and updates.




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