VIA mentioned on WHO and Health Innovators Podcast.

We recommend listening to the entire segment featuring two friends of VIA Global Health and emerging stars in the global health community, Jocelyn Brown inventor of the Pumani bCPAP and Vinesh Kapil from USAID’s Saving Lives at Birth initiative.

Here is a transcript of the section beginning at 22:55.

Host: Who has been inspiring you this year? Who has captured your imagination, where you think this is a really great project, i wish i had thought of it?

Jocelyn: I have been working with a group out of Seattle called VIA Global Health. They have been involved with the Saving Lives at Birth partnership. They are essentially attempting to be the of global health technologies. And so i think it’s, it’s incredible all these technologies coming out of universities and different organizations. Okay, we have our product how are we getting it out in the market. So VIA Global Health is starting to fill this gap and provide the products developed through these partnerships to users and distributors around the world.

Host: So kind of linking up distributors to the inventors.

Jocelyn: Yes, which i don’t think has been done on this sort of level before. So it’s really exciting to see.

Host: That’s really cool.

Thanks Geneva Geeks! We think so too. 🙂

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